The Beginning of the End of Ashton Blake

Quick update regarding our latest horrific endeavour for the 2 Days Later competition.

We held a productive production meeting on Friday night which went swimmingly (in blood…?). We are very excited for this project as it will be the first time, in the brief history of Atrophy, that we are using a real cinematographer and a real crew (i.e. more than 2 people). So, gone are the days where the writer will be also acting and holding the boom and the clapperboard at the same time while adjusting the lighting with his feet. 

On the subject of acting, we potentially have an exciting announcement in that department. But we will know more about that tomorrow. We don’t like to get too far ahead of ourselves. The project has not been without its setbacks. There’s a lot of work ahead but we predict this story to have a happy ending.


The End of Ashton Smith

Pre-production for our 2 Day’s Later competition entry is now well underway. We’ve been hard at work conceptualising the plot and have now begun putting pen to paper.

The working title is ‘The End of Ashton Smith’ and all we can really say about it at the minute is that it should feature something so monstrous that it will make the voyeur look like a harmless newspaper salesman.

We anticipate filming to begin early September. 

This is the first teaser trailer for our upcoming documentary ‘Seating Plan’. Starring Mr Grumpet as Glen Westall.

In this clip, Glen tells us his favourite sit down story.

Shooting begins this weekend.

Shooting begins this weekend.

New Project Announcement

Firstly, we’d like to conclude The Voyeur saga by once again thanking everybody for their involvement and support. In a week, the video has managed to rack up over 200 plays and still continues to get hits by the day. This far exceeds the interest we were expecting in the beginning. The feedback has also been fantastic; receiving much needed constructive criticism, aswell as the (much welcome) pats on the back.

Now that another month is well under way - and another year is dawning upon us, we feel that it is time to announce our next project.

The trade unions may be promising a ‘winter of discontent’ in early 2012, but we are promising a winter of comedy. And we are going to kick that off with our first ever web series ‘Whiskey & Cider’ - an obscurely comic non-adventure.

Further details are yet to be announced. But we hope in the next update to confirm the involvement of an old friend of ours in the television and comedy circuit.

So, watch this space.

And here it is. Our first foray into the thriller/chiller genre.

Thank you to everybody involved for making this film possible. And thank you to everybody who watches it. If you like it, spread the word. Show your friends, family and pets.

Happy Samhain.

All Hallows’ Eve

Halloween is upon us, so too is the release of ‘The Voyeur’. After a month of preparation and mediocre marketing we are nearly ready to reveal the ten minute short, closing the final chapter of the project.

For anybody in the Kent area or attending the 2 Days Later screening, our film will be screened on Saturday at the Royal Theatre in Margate. We will screened as part of the Tales of Terror 2 selection starting at 14:45. For details, head on over to the 2 Days Later site.

We will confirm later on when we are going to upload the film and open it up for viewing on Monday.

In non-Voyeur related news, you can expect announcement of our next project in the coming weeks.

Turn it up and full screen it.